Commercial Ventilation Services


At SBS Mechanical Services Ltd our skilled and experienced team have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to commercial ventilation services. Having assisted in the design, manufacture and installation of systems in factories, offices, warehouses, retail and production areas we are well versed in creating cost effective systems designed around the clients needs.

No matter what type of commercial environment you operate in (from industrial to kitchen ventilation), having a comfortable, clean and well ventilated environment benefits everyone who works in that space. An uncomfortable environment has been proved to lead to a lack of concentration, and therefore a drop in productivity; which is a key reason to invest in a commercial ventilation system.

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Our experienced team have been operating throughout the East Lancashire areas for over thirty years, with a combined team industry experience exceeding forty years! Working on projects of all sizes, we have worked alongside industrial sector clients to design, build and install ventilation services and systems to their exact specifications.

Utilising a wide variety of systems , attenuators and ductwork, all our systems are built to above industry standards, with work being insured and guaranteed

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